Friday, July 23, 2010

A very grand, very exciting idea...

I have been a very busy, busy guy. I am not only designing my 5 sculptures at any given free time I get, I am also trying my hardest to get connected. I have been emailing other metal sculpture artists from California to Washington. The list is small, but I am finding more and more artists every day.

My idea is this, what if artists like me had a way of communicating with each other; a way of discussing art, to argue, or collaborate together? I think we all could learn so much. I have been finding some websites with this general idea but to make a group you have to pay money, Monthly! To some this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but to me, I think it’s a rip off. With things like Facebook and MySpace and what have you, there should be a free site dedicated to connecting artists with similar tastes! Maybe I am asking too much but I think not.

So if you are one of the artists I have emailed I hope we can work together. I think with this idea we can not only help to promote our own work to new customers but help others artists grow as well. I really like the idea of meeting new and exciting people and I hope you do as well. I like to think about the six degrees of separation. I know some may think it’s a silly idea, but think about it. You could be six people away from that one person who could change your life for the better! You could even be less than six! That’s one of my driving forces to get this idea out there. I really look forward to what exciting new possibilities the future holds!

These are just some of the ideas buzzing around in my head; I have many, many more. I’ll be working on some more designs this weekend and starting a few sculptures. I’ll post pictures ASAP!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I got a hint from my previous client that another opportunity was coming my way; I had no idea it was going to be such a HUGE opportunity!! I will be making two sculptures for auction; the first one is for the Shadow Lake Elementary in Maple Valley. Here come the best freakin’ part!!! My client’s husband, Ray, works for a hand rail company, who happened to be replacing the safety nets and rail on the SPACE NEEDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only that, but I get to USE the parts they are pulling off in the sculptures!! HOLLLY CRAPPP!!!!!!!!

So once I read that my mind Exploded with crazy ideas. The auction is to raise money so that an author or authors will come to the school and talk to the students. It is for the school’s reading program, “I PAWS to Read.” With this information, and the fact that I get to use Space Needle parts; this one huge idea hit me. I need to make a 5 foot tall Space Needle replica that is also a book shelf. Think about that for a moment….. Isn’t that a great idea!!!?? Not only will it be a book shelf but the top will rotate like a “lazy Susan.”

But are you ready for ANOTHER mind blowing thought!!??? Ray, says, ‘well you might want to make two Space needle replicas because the Space Needle would love one. They are worried about what we are doing with the parts we are replacing. If you remember when they blow up the King Dome people where selling chunks of it for $5 bucks; the Space Needle is worried that will happen to the old parts.’

My excitement level has gone higher than it has Ever gone before! Make a sculpture FOR the Space Needle!!?!? THAT IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! 

As you can tell I haven't been working on it at almost all times of the day....

But I cannot get ahead of myself. I not only have the sculpture for the school auction (the Space Needle Book shelf); I also have another to make for the same client. My client’s daughter is attending a dance school and she wants me to make another sculpture to be auctioned off online in February.

With all this to do you would think I wouldn't take on more, wouldn't you? Heck no! I also am making a mic stand for Dace's Rock 'N' More in Maple Valley, and I am modifying a computer table for another client! 


You’re probably wondering how one man can take on 5 projects! Well, I was listing to a book on tape and I heard a piece of advice that I find very valuable. “Take 1 hour to plan and save yourself 4 hours of disaster.” For each project I am planning down to each little detail; writing it out or drawing it out. It has really helped me get a good clear image in my head of what I want to use for each sculpture. Check out, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, I’m not sure who it’s by but there is a ton of good advice in there.

The Finished Product! OH YEAH!

Here are my updated pictures of the Motorcycle Cup Holder.

Here is the Left side.

Here is a better picture of the Left side.

If you look closely at the Left side pictures, you will notice there is a chain hanging from the handle bar. It is a custom made bottle opener designed from my bottle opener on my key chain. 

Here is the Right side/ Front view.

The head on the man riding the motorcycle is a speedometer from a Harley Road King. It also is a bobble head, meaning it bounces up and down on a spring.

Here is a better picture of the Right side.

This custom made piece was made for $300. I was provided with quite a few parts from my client's husband's shop without him knowing! In the end, my client’s husband truly enjoyed his Father's Day gifts. The Motor Cycle Cup holder was suppose to go outside near the fire place but he loved it so much a place was made for it inside his man cave.

I also made some table side lamps out of Harley pistons and air filter covers. Here are some pictures; these lamps also double as ashtrays for cigars.

Here you can see the light bulb inside the air filter cover.

A full view.

Looking inside the cylinder; perfectly made for enjoying a good cigar. 

"96 Cubic Inches Road King," I used a chrome lug nut to keep the air filter secure. 


Here is one in it's new home!

I also made a lamp for the man who helped my client pick out all the parts and from her husband's shop, her husband's best friend, and the Godfather to their daughters. I made him one lamp but it just wasn't Manly enough, so I made this one instead.

I made this out of a motorcycle tail pipe.

Here is another picture in my work space.

These sculptures for this client really made me feel good about my work. I have been talking with quite a few people about life ambitions, dreams, and goals. Everyone, I mean, EVERYONE, has said the same thing, “Do what you love! Find a way to make doing what you love, your passion; the thing that truly makes YOU happy, make you money. Then DO IT!!!”

I don’t know why it has taken so long for me to really understand this, but I understand now! A normal 8 hour job doesn’t make ME happy. Making metal art makes ME happy. It’s what I want to do, if I can make money doing it then that is a bonus! Don’t worry I will keep my job for now….. But you could bet large amounts of money on what I am doing every weekend from now on until my art can sustain a consistent income.

Thank you Sid and Kartha, you gave me that kick in the ass I needed. If you every want another piece made don’t hesitate to contact me!

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