Friday, July 23, 2010

A very grand, very exciting idea...

I have been a very busy, busy guy. I am not only designing my 5 sculptures at any given free time I get, I am also trying my hardest to get connected. I have been emailing other metal sculpture artists from California to Washington. The list is small, but I am finding more and more artists every day.

My idea is this, what if artists like me had a way of communicating with each other; a way of discussing art, to argue, or collaborate together? I think we all could learn so much. I have been finding some websites with this general idea but to make a group you have to pay money, Monthly! To some this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but to me, I think it’s a rip off. With things like Facebook and MySpace and what have you, there should be a free site dedicated to connecting artists with similar tastes! Maybe I am asking too much but I think not.

So if you are one of the artists I have emailed I hope we can work together. I think with this idea we can not only help to promote our own work to new customers but help others artists grow as well. I really like the idea of meeting new and exciting people and I hope you do as well. I like to think about the six degrees of separation. I know some may think it’s a silly idea, but think about it. You could be six people away from that one person who could change your life for the better! You could even be less than six! That’s one of my driving forces to get this idea out there. I really look forward to what exciting new possibilities the future holds!

These are just some of the ideas buzzing around in my head; I have many, many more. I’ll be working on some more designs this weekend and starting a few sculptures. I’ll post pictures ASAP!!

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