Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seattle Space Needle In-Progress Pictures

I have a few pictures of me working on the Space Needle Sculptures. I still have one more Space Needle to go!

These next two are all close to the same, they show me heating the piece of steel up so that I can tack and weld the Needle legs in place. Normally I wouldn't need to heat up the areas I want to weld, but in this case I am welding to a hardened piece of steel which is an old plow blade.

I have the bottom of the Needle on top of a large round of steel to keep it off the ground and to make it easier for me to work on.

Welding the legs in place.

This is my favorite picture. 

You can see my tiny work space! It's not as bad as it may look in this picture, it's actually a good sized area. You can see that I am just at the stage of putting on the lower parts of the Needle.

I am super excited to hear what people say about my work. Please if you come to my blog and you see something you like, or don't like leave a comment! Or you can email me at

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hello! Hello! I have some more pictures!

Here it is! It stands around 6 feet tall! 

The little screws inside represent people looking out of the windows. The bottom row is the restaurant and the top row is the observation deck!


Can you guess that there are about 20 different parts just to the top half? Maybe even more? 

This is the first of two, this one I am donation to Shadow Lake Elementary for their Read a Thon fundraiser. The goal is to have a local author come and read to the kids at the school.

More pictures to come soon!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


As you may or may not know I have been working on two Seattle Space Needle sculptures; one for donation to Shadow Lake Elementary and the other to be donated to the Seattle Space Needle management! I have almost completed the first one but I wanted you to be able to see the the progress...  So here are some pictures!

Here is the very beginning! The bottom is from a plow and all the rest are Space Needle parts! This is with only two legs.

This is a picture with three legs! Woo!

If you where wondering how I got all the legs exactly the same here is the secret! I made one then turned it into a die. Very leg made from it was almost exact to this original one.

I seem to be missing some pictures of my next steps, but here is what I started working with after the legs where completed. 

I will get more pictures up very very soon! I need to find some and take some new ones! Please email me at if you are interested in having something made for You! 

Guitar Mic Stand!

Hello! I have pictures of my newly completed Mic Stand! This was made for a non profit auction for our local, Dace's Rock 'N" More, here in Maple Valley!! Check it out! I used some parts from the Space Needle Project which I am currently working on for the Shadow Lake Elementary.

This is the beginning of the guitar.

Here it is after I put it on the stand and used heat to color the middle.

It is all made from recycled materials.

The guitar is made from bailing wire, nails, a stone cutting saw blade, and steel cables from the Space Needle. The main shaft is also made from Space Needle parts. The original mic stand parts were refinished and repaired. It is fully functional. 

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