Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some of my Metal Art.

These are the current pieces that I still have for sale. Click on the pictures for a bigger image. Each one is made from metal wires, re bar, screws, and other metal junk. On average they would take up to 80 to 160 hours to complete.

For Love

This beautiful tree is constructed with baling wire, twisted round bar chunks, and a hammer head. I was inspired by The Beatles song, "Love is all you need."

Hug Me Gazebo

For this gazebo I used a scrap sheet of 10 gage sheet steel cut to 1/8 th inch strips. Each strip was hand cut to fit the roof frame. The frame of the gazebo is constructed with double head nails and scrap round bar. The tree is made from 1 inch re bar, scrap round bar, and baling wire.

Lost Kite

This is my first large sized tree. If you look closely at the top you will see the young boy's kite. This was constructed with one long twisted chunk of re bar and thick baling wire.


Dragon Blade

This was once a lovely saw blade that cut wood. Till one day I used a plasma cutter on it. The dragon design was drawn by my sister.

Skeleton Man
    This little guy was once a bunch of nails. His neck was also once the nail in my Dad's truck tire.  

Rockin' Guitar
    This is a piece of 1/4 inch steel plate. I made this for the front porch of my girlfriend's parent's house.
If you are interested in something similar for your home please let me know.

Infinity Saw Blade

This is a huge saw blade, its 20 inches across

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  1. Your metal art is kick-ass! The trees are so intricate. I am impressed. Very cool!


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