Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For a while I was in a slump, not wanting to make any metal projects, and not wanting to think about art. Life was getting in my way and stressing me out. Money burdens always on my mind, but then a client, who had almost bought a piece I made for a school donation, emailed me. She wanted a gift for her husband for Father's Day. I became more and more excited as we emailed back and forth ideas for his sculpture. He is a Man's, Man; he has a Harley, he drinks Guinness from the bottle, he smokes good cigars, he has a man cave and a shop for all his big boy toys, and loves his girls (his wife and daughters).

 It was like magic, this wave of inspiration and enthusiasm hit me. My mind was reeling with ideas! I wanted to make ART again!! Not just make it I wanted to BE it! Be a part of it! To have it be an extension of me; to put all my anger, my stress from the world into it. To have all my negative energy be melted away! To burn up all my cares and woes in the flames, in the hot molten metal!

One bold idea stood out from all the rest, a man on a motorcycle, holding up his hand (cup holder/ beer holder), while doing a wheelie. After we agreed, I ran to my metal stash and began tearing it apart looking for parts. We met at my, open air shop, and she gave me some fantastic motorcycle parts to add to my huge pile of possible parts. She then had an idea for two lamps made out of the Harley piston shafts she had brought. Once again, my mind exploded with ideas! But I knew I needed to work on one project at a time, first the motorcycle man.

  The pictures that fallow are what I have completed so far of the motorcycle project. This one is already sold to my client, if you are interested in having me make you something shoot me an email: orangeoverlord@gmail.com. Don’t worry about prices each project can be tailored to your price range. 

This is the left side.

This is the right side.
Here are some close ups.
Rear tire, right side.
Rear tire, left side.
The Motor, underside.
Fuel tanks, top.
That is all I am putting for now, let me know what you think!

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