Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seattle Space Needle In-Progress Pictures

I have a few pictures of me working on the Space Needle Sculptures. I still have one more Space Needle to go!

These next two are all close to the same, they show me heating the piece of steel up so that I can tack and weld the Needle legs in place. Normally I wouldn't need to heat up the areas I want to weld, but in this case I am welding to a hardened piece of steel which is an old plow blade.

I have the bottom of the Needle on top of a large round of steel to keep it off the ground and to make it easier for me to work on.

Welding the legs in place.

This is my favorite picture. 

You can see my tiny work space! It's not as bad as it may look in this picture, it's actually a good sized area. You can see that I am just at the stage of putting on the lower parts of the Needle.

I am super excited to hear what people say about my work. Please if you come to my blog and you see something you like, or don't like leave a comment! Or you can email me at

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